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Automatic door systems from GEZE

GEZE automatic door systems open up unlimited possibilities for the design of entrance areas. Millions of people enjoy the comfort they take for granted every day. Modern, innovative drives that put high efficiency, safety, comfort and design first make GEZE automatic door systems the focal point of any entrance group and an eye-catching feature.

Automatic swing doors are characterized by simple installation.

GEZE automatic sliding door systems are in keeping with the spirit of the times, save space and are characterized by elegance.

Automatic carousel doors are used in the entrance groups of large representative objects. They combine architectural beauty with the highest level of functionality. Special, angular and semicircular sliding doors by GEZE are an extravagant eye-catcher.

Controls control the behavior of automatic systems and ensure their safe operation. Automation manufacturer GEZE offers comprehensive solutions that meet individual requirements.


Electric ventilation as well as automatic smoke and heat extractors (RWA) by GEZE

GEZE offers solutions for a wide variety of applications involving the automatic opening and closing of windows. The wide range of products on offer ranges from a large selection of drive systems for daily supply and exhaust ventilation to complete air supply and exhaust solutions for reliable and fast natural smoke extraction (NRA).

GEZE's portfolio for electric ventilation and smoke and heat extraction (RWA) systems includes electric chain drives that are easy to install and maintain and high-performance electric rod drives that can be used for direct window opening as well as in combination with window opening and closing systems. In combination with electric linear actuators, GEZE's flat panel casement windows can be electrically operated.

The smoke and heat extraction system (RWA) is controlled via a central control unit for the emergency power supply of the smoke and heat extraction system. GEZE also offers system solutions for supply ventilation.

GEZE Special constructions

Спокуса для ваших відвідувачів - індивідуальні інноваційні дверні конструкції, які справляють сильне враження

The character of the building is already evident in the design of its entrance area. For individual solutions, GEZE has its own specialized division – GEZE Sonderkonstruktionen GmbH.

Carousel and sliding doors with slim frames, solid glass and unusual designs will add a very special touch to your building's entrance area. We work with you to realize unique and architecturally perfect entrance solutions. Your wishes and ideas always come first.

We offer you various system solutions:

  • Semi-circular and circular sliding doors - drive versions with an installation height of only 7 cm!
  • Carousel doors are in the spotlight!
  • Corner sliding doors - any angle from 90 to 270°!

Specific areas of application for special revolving and sliding doors

Entranceways to executive buildings around the world are equipped with solutions from GEZE Sonderkonstruktionen. Applications in various industries reflect the Company's many years of experience.

  • Hotels, restaurants and museums
  • Shopping malls and banks
  • Office and public buildings
  • Airports and train stations
  • Hospitals and rehabilitation centers

Your preferences are the most important to us

  • Individuality: custom-made carousel and sliding doors.
  • Expert advice: the Company's employees take into account laws and regulations already during the design process.
  • Level of quality: materials, modern technologies and constant modernization of our products guarantee the highest quality.
  • Comfort: we provide convenient and safe access to the building.
  • Microclimate: carousel doors and vestibules separate the interior climate from the exterior. Drafts and noise remain outside.

Would you like your visitors to pay attention to the unusual solution of the entryway?
We will be happy to hold the necessary consultations and work with you to develop the best solution.



Fire and smoke protection doors TORMAX

Protection from the spread of fire and smoke

Fire doors are designed to protect openings in fire walls and fire-resistant compartments from fire penetration. Under normal operating conditions, TORMAX automatic fire doors provide a high level of comfort, and in emergency situations, additional protection (in terms of safety) due to their strong resistance to fire and smoke.

Fire doors must always be self-closing and must not be held open by means of wedges or other devices. The signal to close the door can come from pressing a button or from a fire alarm system or building management system.

People escaping from a fire should always be able to open the door manually, and then the drive will securely close the door again.

Fire regulations are still governed by the laws of each individual country. Therefore, we recommend that you contact your local TORMAX partner for information on the appropriate solutions for your application and country.

Evacuation (anti-panic) doors TORMAX

Safe emergency exits

During an evacuation, people must always leave the building quickly and without obstacles or move to a safe area. In such emergency situations, automatic doors are designed to take over the most important functions. While automatic doors are convenient in normal operation, in the event of an emergency, fire doors must ensure that people can evacuate in seconds. For this reason, doors located on escape routes should generally not be locked during normal building operation and/or should be able to be opened manually.

TORMAX offers both mechanical and electrical solutions for emergency and evacuation exits.

  • Mechanical version: Anti-panic function: the door leaves can be opened manually and pushed to the edges of the opening
  • Electric version: two independent control systems that duplicate each other for emergency opening



Hormann gates, automation for sliding gates FAAC, automatic drives for gates NICE.

Hormann, FAAC, NICE, CAME, Ryterna, and BFT are reliable partners in the production of automatic gate drives, providing us with a wide range of different equipment. The devices of these companies have long been popular in modern markets.

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